lunes, febrero 26, 2007

time & distance

Blind by minutes
we walk
my chair sits calmly
in an open room
the desert is a slow voice
with patience he sings
chants with out numbers


You are far away
how far is far?
a distance grows in a pathway
between electric pulses
the road to you is made of words


If I say it is a long bridge
do I mean it has numbers over numbers?
one next to the other?
with I in the beginning?


Look at the calendar
yesterday still
tomorrow certain
now is there
so concrete
so beautiful
tear June apart
tear August apart
and maybe time is lost


I see time
red in line
changes in the dark
with out guilt
with out knowing
a storm tears the cables down
the street glows
and my little figures disappear
I know nothing now

2 comentarios:

Mr.Naivity dijo...

saludos nada más pasé a checar tu blog...

Naivity, Alex.

Anónimo dijo...

necesidad de comprobar:)